Musella lasiocarpa: Golden Lotus

Golden Lotus flower is not related to Lotus genus. The name came from its shape and color.


It is an ornamental subtropical dwarf banana plant native to Yunnan province in China. It is a close relative of the edible banana.


The flower before opening is about 8-10 inches long and looks like a golden lotus, and since it flowers on a stalk without green leaves, one of its Chinese names translates as “golden lotus emerging from the earth.” Another name is “a thousand petal lotus,” and what appears as the yellow “petals” are actually not true petals but bracts.


The showy bracts gradually open up to reveal the tiny, fragrant, greenish-yellow true flowers. The opening process could last up to as long as 250 days, and the bracts do not wilt easily.

Singapore Botanic Gardens, 20120313


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